Pistols of satisfaction as jazz band plays

by Charles Otieno

Before they performed at the Goethe Institut last Wednesday, German trio of the Jazz Pistols may not have had any appeal beyond a core group of diehard fusion fans.
But after performing, they´re undenieably excellent jazz musicians.
Their unique instrumental mix of bass, drums and rhythm guitar won over many jazz fans who had come for the show.
The trio´s high energy performance, writing packs, guitar punches and instrumental mix surprises on stage was received with frenzy and foot thumping as they showcased their sblime skills.
The group satisfied and filled the bill as one of the finest jazz performers in the world - a case that Kenyan fans appreciated, as the trio filled the void of lack of any major jazz bands visiting the country.
When this moment came, jazz fans thronged Goethe Institut in their hundreds to witness the band bring the house down with splendid music. But due to limitation of space with most of the fans had to contend watching the performance from outside the hall.
The Jazz Pistols have so far performed in Antananarivo/Madagascar, Harare/Zimbabwe, Lusaka/Zambia, Johannesburg/South Afrika, Kampala/Uganda, Windhoek/Namibia, Gaborone/Botswana and Nairobi amoung other cities in Africa.
This German fusion trio is comprised of guitarist Stefan Ivan Schäfer, bassist Christoph Victor Kaiser, and drummer Thomas Lui Ludwig.
During he Nairobi performance, guitarist Stefan Ivan provided to the crowd why he was voted one of the best german players. His compatriot, drummist Thomas brought fans to their feet time after time due to his splendid drumming techniques.
But the toast to the crowd was bass guitarist Christoph Victor Kaiser with his sensational `basss talk´guitar mixes.
According to Christoph, the band was formed in 1995 when the trio came together to complement their individual skills.
Yellow Fellow is one of the group´s finer performances.
Apart from performances the group´s main recording include the 1996 "3 on the Floor", a high-quality production with a set of challenging, energetic compositions.

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